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About the designer:

Ewan Lamm

Born and raised in Hong Kong and having lived in London for nearly a decade, Ewan Lamm embraces the amalgamtion of the cutures from the East and the West, finding inspiration in both realms for his unique design pieces.


Having graduated from Ravenbourne University London’s Prodcut Design, Lamm found his passion for telling tales and exploring spirituality through the medium of furniture objects. He firmly believes that by delving into the tales and lore of diverse cultures, one can truly grasp the vastness of our world and foster harmony with the peoples whom we share it with, forging a path toward global citizenship.


After completing his studies, Lamm followed his passions and gained valuable knowledge in furniture fabrications while working at a retail interior agency. He then further honed his skills studying under a renowned furniture designer as their assitant designer. In 2023, driven by a fervent desire to share the cultures and narratives that thrive beyond the seas, Lamm founded his own furniture and object design studio called Ultramar. The name itself derives from the Latin words “Ultra” (beyond) and “Mare” (sea), epitomizing his mission to disseminate stories and 

traditions originating from distant corners of the world through his creations.


Through Ultramar, Ewan Lamm aspires to bridge the gaps between cultures, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the world’s diverse heritage. His objects serve as conduits, weaving together tales and histories, and enabling individuals to connect on a profound level. Lamm’s dedication to sharing the beauty and significance of cultural exchange is at the core of Ultramar’s ethos, propelling us towards a more interconnected and harmonious global community.

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